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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis the Season

Although I have been denying the "readiness" for the Christmas season since the consumer market started pushing it on us in October, it seems the season is here in full swing and since it's actually December, I've decided to embrace it.

I spent the Sunday after Thanksgiving decorating a house that is my very own (well, mine and William's) for the first time. I got to do what I wanted…to an extent. See, my mom so graciously donated 3 huge Rubbermaid tubs filled with garlands, holly berries, Christmas ornaments, lights, wreaths etc, so I did what I wanted, using what had been given to me. I did, however, splurge on some new festive PB candles (thank you for all the wedding gifts that have allowed me to milk those gift cards for 7 months!), a few table runners and a tree skirt.

Since we have officially received our first snow, I decided it was time to bring my Christmas spirit to my blog world…so here goes!

Evidence that it actually did snow in Dallas…some build up in our backyard that lasted about 2 hours…

My dining room table arrangement

My Willow Tree Navitiy (one of my favorites and entirely gifted from my friends in Plainview at our wedding shower!)

The Buffet Arrangement (thank you mom for the red globes!)

The top of the entertainment center. I was bummed that the lights in this didn't work but too lazy to re-srting them. Also, the nativity here was a gift from William's bosses and was hand carved in Bethlehem from olive wood found outside of Jerusalem. I thought that was very cool!

Another little garland arrangement on the bookshelves

And finally...the tree. This isn't a great pic b/c the lights aren't on. Also, we were given a bunch of red and gold ornaments to use while we build up our own collection...but I think it turned out pretty nice for just using what we had been given!

I still need to do some work on the outside of the house and that might get accomplished this weekend, if my sweet husband can help me a little bit (hint, hint!!)