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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Huck!

Well, it’s been more than a month since I’ve updated this little blog site of ours so I doubt that anyone is still reading this…but in case you are, here’s the latest breaking news in the Spencer fam.

Our sweet little puppy Huck (see previous blog post) has had quite the weekend. On Sunday, we loaded up Berkley and Huck to head to our favorite little creek for some swimming and retrieving. Our two little pups really enjoy hanging their heads out the window while we’re driving and since we were only going a few blocks, we rolled down the windows (half-way) and let their ears fly. Just as we were heading through a four-way stop, we hear a thud and I see the blur of Huck’s body in the side mirror falling out of the car.

We quickly pulled over and our little man was standing in the intersection on three legs whimpering. William grabbed him and we headed back home. Since it was Sunday, we gave him some pain relievers and let him sleep it off hoping he just had a little bruised foot or something. Monday morning, we woke up and found that he was still not putting any weight on his back right leg so I called to take him into the vet to get the situation assessed.

After a long day of pain killers and xrays, we found out that Huck had broken his femur right at the hip joint- a pretty bad place for a pup to get a break. We were referred to a veterinary surgical center where they told us Huck would have to have surgery and get a screw and pins put in his leg and then go through a pretty extensive 6 week recovery process. He went in for surgery early this morning and everything went according to plan. We will get to bring him home tomorrow if everything stays on course. His leg will be in a sling for at least 2-3 weeks and he’ll have to wear a very stylish cone. We are also going to have to try and keep him “still” which is kind of a task for a 4 month old puppy!

I didn’t really realize how much I loved this little pup until yesterday when I was watching him go through so much pain. I can’t imagine how bad I’m going to be if my kids ever get hurt! I will keep this blog updated on his progress over the next few weeks but we are confident he’s going to be back to his normal puppy mischief in a matter weeks!