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Monday, June 4, 2012

2 months

I'm a little late on this but wanted to post Becton's 2 month photo- obviously he's started smiling... And it's the best thing ever.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 Week Updates

So the past four weeks have been pretty eventful and a blur all at the same time!! Since my Easter post, William and I celebrated our third anniversary, shipped our dogs off for a two-month hunting training session, celebrated my first mother's day, and Becton has gained at least a few pounds, started smiling at us and is sleeping "through the night!"
I'm usually pretty wordy on my blog, but I'll keep it short this time and just post some of my favorite pictures of the happenings of the last month. I will say that on one hand, I can't believe my little baby boy is almost two months old but on the other hand, I really feel like Little Man has been a part of my life forever. I actually understand when parents talk about not remembering what they did before they had kids...and I'm only 8 weeks in people. He is the greatest blessing that God has ever given me for sure and William and I are loving (almost) every minute of being parents.
Sort of smiling in his monkey hat!
Striking a pose in his "big boy pants"
Such a ladies man...this is one of my favorite photos
William and I on our first night out since Becton was born. We went to Blue Fish to celebrate our third anniversary...but who wants to see pictures of us...back to the baby...
One of my favorite pictures- William saw this and said it looked like our son would really enjoy floating the river someday...I'm thinking some family river trips are in our future :)
Hanging with Uncle Matt
Another milestone that occurred, the Kvasnicka's are officially Texas residents again! They stopped by Dallas on their way to Austin so that Becton could meet his good friend Logan (who is 6 weeks older than him) and they could both tell their future girlfriends/wives (Libby Shulze and baby Carby) to hurry up and come out and meet us all! We are so blessed that some of our best friends are having babies so close to the same time as us!! I can't wait for our kids to look back at these pictures and joke about being "friends since before they were born." I have a friend like that (shout out Jeana) and it is such a special relationship! My prayer is that theirs would be also!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Bunny Baby

For Becton's first Easter, we were still a little young to head to church so we spent the morning watching Easter services on TV and then headed out for a little Easter lunch at our home group leader's house. Becton slept the whole time in his car seat so we didn't get to show off his cute outfit but I did get a few pics before we left the house. It said "my first Easter" on the front and had cute bunny feet and a little tail.

We also took newborn pictures this week and I can't wait to see how they turn out! I'll definitely post a few when we get them!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Becton’s Birthday

Where to even begin…William Becton Spencer was born Tuesday, March 20 at 6:39pm at 7lbs, 6oz and 20 inches long…and our lives will never be the same again!

Because I had been showing some advanced pre-labor progress in my check ups for a few weeks, we decided with our Doctor to go ahead and schedule an induction for Tuesday the 20th to get baby Becton here! No one really thought I would actually make it to induction day but come Monday night, little man was still holding out so we went ahead and started preparing to go to the hospital the next morning.

We were told to report at 7am on Tuesday…and just for future records it was POURING rain all night and when we left the house. A bunch of stop lights were down from the storm so traffic was terrible and we actually ended up arriving at the hospital a little late.

After getting checked in, they took us back and got us all settled into to the labor and delivery room where we would wait for labor to progress and Becton to arrive. The day was full of anticipation and around 6pm the nurse told us we were ready to start pushing. Before we knew it, our baby had officially entered the world.

This last week and few days has been filled with so many emotions and events that I don’t know how to process it all or put it into words. We are more in love with this little guy than we could have ever imagined before his birth. I simultaneously want to laugh and cry with happiness every time I look at him and I love watching William with him and seeing him really embrace being a Dad. There are definitely times that are tough, but looking at his sweet face makes all the struggles, tiredness, pain etc seem insignificant. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the last 9 days…
Family photo before we head to the hospital

Our first family photo

Getting ready to go home from the hospital
Cuddling with Uncle Matt

Snuggled up after his first bath

Saturday morning snuggle time on Dad's chest...this outfit earned him the nickname "Frog Man" with dad.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nursery Tour

So our little man will be here on Tuesday if not before so I thought it was time to post some nursery pics before things get too wild around here. You might notice some changes from my preview photos since this is the new room in the new house!

The wooden barn doors are my favorite part for sure. We are just missing the cute quilt that my mom made for Becton so I'll have to post pics of that when she gets in town.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Major Updates

If you’ve done the math, you know that baby Spencer is coming any day now so I thought I better do a quick update or I may not get around to it for awhile.

Pregnancy Update-
I’m technically 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant which would normally mean I’m about 12 days from actually being due but I have been progressing pretty rapidly and am already 4cm dilated and 80% effaced which is usually the point in labor where you get admitted to the hospital. I’m only missing some contractions at this point and I’m waiting for those to start up at any moment. If our little man has not decided to come on his own before this coming Tuesday, we are scheduled to induce. That means we are no more than 5-6 days away from meeting little William Becton Spencer! I can’t wait and am going to start trying some of the tricks of the trade to get labor moving on its own before the Tuesday induction deadline.

Oh yeah…and we moved…

So a few weeks ago, we actually did a super quick move back down into Dallas near White Rock Lake. We had a couple who had been interested in purchasing our house and William’s old house that we’ve had as a rental was sitting vacant so we decided to go ahead and clear one mortgage and move down to the rental property. Seeing that I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time of this move, I wasn’t really able to participate in much of the packing/lifting/unpacking/moving activites. Thankfully, we have AMAZING friends and our home group community pretty much got us packed and moved in a matter of a few days. We are completely settled into our new home now and the nursery is 100% ready for our little man to come home (I’ll post some pics when I decide to stop being lazy and take some). I really like our new place and it was actually the house we originally planned to live in when we first got married (until we stumbled upon our Richardson place). The thing I miss most about our other house is definitely the backyard. The dogs are having a bit of a hard time adjusting to their new (MUCH smaller) space but they will survive.

Since my last post I also had 2 amazing baby showers, one with family and one with friends, and am waiting for some pictures back to post on that fun-ness!! Thanks to all who were involved in helping shower me with love and get prepared for Becton’s arrival! Hopefully, this will be my last post before little man makes his debut into this world. I’ll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nursery Beginnings

I’m about a week late on this post but I didn’t want to overwhelm “my readers” by posting more than one blog in a week…not so much my style.
The weekend after my birthday, I went to my first “pinterest party” where everyone chooses a fun craft or project from pinterest and you get together and try it out. We did a couple projects but the big one was making wooden signs by transferring ink from printed paper to wood. I got ambitious and put a scripture on 3 pieces of wood for the nursery. If you’re interested, we used this tutorial and it worked well when the letters were printed in bold with a new ink cartridge. We also ended up painting back over the letters with diluted black paint to make them a little darker- here’s the finished product.

The big news happened when I got home from my pinterest party. I walked in the house and heard William call me from upstairs. His mom and stepdad were also in town and he told me they were looking at some of the baby gifts in our future nursery room. When I walked in, the room that had contained nothing but a pile of clothes to be donated and few baby gifts had been turned into the beginnings of an amazing nursery!! William had been coordinating this for awhile as a birthday surprise and I could not have been more thrilled at what I found. The crib was in place (an early shower gift from his mom and stepdad) and we had a glider and ottoman (birthday gift from hubby and baby gift from his dad), AND he had worked with friends to build the “barn door” crib backdrop that I wanted (originally inspired by this pic on pinterest). I felt so relieved to have some of the big stuff knocked out for the nursery!!

The "W" stands for William as the official name of our little man is William Becton Spencer. He will go by Becton, but had to give a nod to daddy's little namesake...

I LOVED the barn door backdrop but we wanted it to look a little more "rustic" and like we used aged wood. We were going to try and find a stain that we could apply to give us this look but after trying a few things, we still weren't getting that "old wood" look. I found this tutorial on pinterest on how to make old wood new...the results are below and it really worked! If you ever want to create something "aged" looking, I highly recommend this process.

Our final project of the weekend was refinishing the dresser for little man’s room. I was pretty proud of us for making this so cute! Below are the before and after pics of our project…. I also found some cute hardware I liked at Anthropologie, but it was about $14 per handle so I bought some cheap ones at Lowe’s and created the look myself by wrapping them in twine. I think it turned out great!

Dresser Before

Dresser After

Handles Before

Handles After

So- after our SUPER crafty and pinterest project filled weekend, I am feeling much better about the progress of our nursery for baby Becton! There is still work to do so I will post some final nursery photos down the road...

The countdown is on...only six weeks until our little man makes his entrance into the world...We can't wait...or breathe...or sleep...or eat without getting heartburn...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

32 weeks…and 28 years

I’m not even going to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted in two months. So, this is me, officially NOT acknowledging the lack of posting.

Last week marked a couple milestones in our lives. I hit the 32 week mark of my pregnancy- which officially means we have 8 WEEKS left until our little man makes his debut in the world. I have so many different and conflicting emotions about this fact that I don’t think I know how to put them all into words. I’m excited to meet my son, see who he looks like, cuddle the cuteness that I know he will be, feel that feeling they say you can only experience with the birth of your first child…scared that labor and delivery will be horrendous, that he won’t eat, that he won’t sleep, that he might not be healthy…this second list is being committed to prayer DAILY and I’m reading lots of scripture where God tells us not to be anxious/scared/fearful. I trust Him. This baby is in His hands. So that’s an inside look at my daily thoughts right now :)

I’m also feeling some other emotions, mainly related to my size. Words to describe these feelings include large, huge, big, swollen, puffy, gigantic, waddle-y, mega-sized etc. You get the picture. I don’t feel as bad about it until I see a picture of myself and realize that even my face looks different…but such is pregnancy and a small price to pay for the blessing of children (so I keep reminding myself). Here’s a picture at 32 weeks so you can see what I’m talking about.

ALSO- my 28th birthday was last week!! This is the first time since I moved to Dallas that I have not been out of town for work on my birthday so it was nice to get to spend it with William and celebrate with a few friends. The actual day was Wednesday and William sent me some awesome flowers and took me to eat at our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Richardson (Frankie’s…you should go there). Friday night, we celebrated with a small gathering of friends with dinner at La Duni. I’ve been craving their Quattro Leches Cake since I had some at a party in early December. Let me just tell you, it did not disappoint! Some of my favorite pics from the night are below.

Celebrating with great friends!

John& Julia

Adam & Chelsea got a sitter and spent their first night out since baby O was born with us... unfortunately this is the only picture that William captured.

Hubs and me- he put this whole thing together

The Girls (minus Julia and Chelsea)

Me, Katie and Lindsay- this photo was supposed to show the baby bumps but for some reason William decided to only take our faces...someone send me the bump pic if your husband understood the concept and got the bellies in the picture.

Teaser- William surprised me by knocking out some major nursery progress for my birthday. I’ll post some pics and details in the next few days.