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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 Week Updates

So the past four weeks have been pretty eventful and a blur all at the same time!! Since my Easter post, William and I celebrated our third anniversary, shipped our dogs off for a two-month hunting training session, celebrated my first mother's day, and Becton has gained at least a few pounds, started smiling at us and is sleeping "through the night!"
I'm usually pretty wordy on my blog, but I'll keep it short this time and just post some of my favorite pictures of the happenings of the last month. I will say that on one hand, I can't believe my little baby boy is almost two months old but on the other hand, I really feel like Little Man has been a part of my life forever. I actually understand when parents talk about not remembering what they did before they had kids...and I'm only 8 weeks in people. He is the greatest blessing that God has ever given me for sure and William and I are loving (almost) every minute of being parents.
Sort of smiling in his monkey hat!
Striking a pose in his "big boy pants"
Such a ladies man...this is one of my favorite photos
William and I on our first night out since Becton was born. We went to Blue Fish to celebrate our third anniversary...but who wants to see pictures of us...back to the baby...
One of my favorite pictures- William saw this and said it looked like our son would really enjoy floating the river someday...I'm thinking some family river trips are in our future :)
Hanging with Uncle Matt
Another milestone that occurred, the Kvasnicka's are officially Texas residents again! They stopped by Dallas on their way to Austin so that Becton could meet his good friend Logan (who is 6 weeks older than him) and they could both tell their future girlfriends/wives (Libby Shulze and baby Carby) to hurry up and come out and meet us all! We are so blessed that some of our best friends are having babies so close to the same time as us!! I can't wait for our kids to look back at these pictures and joke about being "friends since before they were born." I have a friend like that (shout out Jeana) and it is such a special relationship! My prayer is that theirs would be also!