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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

“Curb Appeal” Before and After Shots of our Yard Makeover


Front Yard Before


We installed a sprinkler system about a month back and are still waiting on a few areas of grass to recover so just pay attention to the beds J




I personally planted all that bright green sweet potato vine you see! I did not, however, plant those little mushrooms. Those will be taken care of ASAP!

Love the new Japanese Maple! One of my favorite trees

Before… (all of those lovely pansies had since died so it was really a big dirt bed, but I didn't have pics of that)




Now for the Backyard!
Please excuse that most of my before pics are from the deck building time last summer…it still shows what used to be there!



After (pay attention to the back corner)



Before… (best angle I've got)

AFTER!! With my favorite addition..the hydrangeas…and our dog model we hired to make the backyard look more "lived in."

And a random shot of my fave new additions to the yard


Also, not pictured is my very first attempt at an "herb garden." I planted mint, parsley, and cilantro and they are all doing great!

We're looking forward to lots of summer fun with friends in our newly remodeled yard this summer. Feel free to come over anytime.


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