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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Initiation into Marriage and the Blog World

I’ve always thought the idea of a blog was fun and finally decided to get serious and put some pen to paper, or actually fingers to keyboard, and create one of my own. The real reason I’ve enjoyed the musings of others for so long and not created my own cyber journal is that I was afraid my life might not be exciting enough to keep bloggers interested. I still think this is true but, due to the abundance of reality television shows popping up this summer on the topic of “newlyweds,” I decided that the American public is interested enough in the topic to get decent summer ratings on network television, so maybe a few people (mainly my parents and in-laws) will read a blog about William and my new life as “The Spencers.”

William and I were married on April 18, 2009 in Horseshoe Bay, Texas which makes us newlyweds for about six weeks now. Everyone keeps asking the cliché question, “So how’s married life?” The only response I can ever think of to give is “so far so good.” But, then again, I don’t think too many couples encounter serious issues in the first six weeks of marriage. If they do, there were probably some pretty good signs pre-wedding day that their union wasn’t the best idea for anyone involved. I don’t feel like this is the case for me because I’ve got some pretty awesome friends and family that definitely would have stepped in and not let me make the biggest commitment of my life if they knew it was doomed from the start. (However, my dad did say more than once that if we get divorced, we will pay him back the cost of the wedding + interest.)

So, let me try and answer the “how is married life” question a little more specifically. My pre-wedding fears of feeling the need to wake up earlier have been realized, but come to find out, it’s not so bad to get up at 7:15am, especially when you’re woken up by a kiss on the forehead and a soft spoken “time to get up.” Those of you that know William might think this method seems a little uncharacteristic and that he might be more likely to wake me up with a checklist and rating system for how the night’s sleep went and suggestions on how we can improve our evening rest and morning routine, but that’s not the case. He actually loves me enough to know that I need to wake up slow and lets me ease out of bed and into conversation at least 15 minutes after my wake-up call.

I’ve also heard a lot of my friends say that one of their favorite things about being married is easy Saturday mornings where you wake up slow, eat a big brunch, and just hang out with your husband. We really haven’t been able to experience this since we’ve been either out of town or catching up on chores we missed from being out of town every weekend since we’ve married. We spent the first weekend following our honeymoon in separate cities for soccer and wedding showers, then William had a bachelor party, then I had a church retreat, then I was gone for back-to-back bachelorette parties, and that brings us to this weekend where we will be in Waco for another wedding. The schedule will continue like this until early August when I hope to actually experience those lazy Saturdays with my husband. I guess you could say that married life has been busy. We are loving getting to celebrate so many friends going through this stage of life together, but the schedule of it all is pretty crazy!

There’s probably a lot more I could write about but this post is getting pretty lengthy so I’ll save some for my next post, which will probably revolve around my initiation into lawn care and an embarrassing story involving a dishwasher disaster. I know you’re chomping at the bit from that little teaser.

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