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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

32 weeks…and 28 years

I’m not even going to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted in two months. So, this is me, officially NOT acknowledging the lack of posting.

Last week marked a couple milestones in our lives. I hit the 32 week mark of my pregnancy- which officially means we have 8 WEEKS left until our little man makes his debut in the world. I have so many different and conflicting emotions about this fact that I don’t think I know how to put them all into words. I’m excited to meet my son, see who he looks like, cuddle the cuteness that I know he will be, feel that feeling they say you can only experience with the birth of your first child…scared that labor and delivery will be horrendous, that he won’t eat, that he won’t sleep, that he might not be healthy…this second list is being committed to prayer DAILY and I’m reading lots of scripture where God tells us not to be anxious/scared/fearful. I trust Him. This baby is in His hands. So that’s an inside look at my daily thoughts right now :)

I’m also feeling some other emotions, mainly related to my size. Words to describe these feelings include large, huge, big, swollen, puffy, gigantic, waddle-y, mega-sized etc. You get the picture. I don’t feel as bad about it until I see a picture of myself and realize that even my face looks different…but such is pregnancy and a small price to pay for the blessing of children (so I keep reminding myself). Here’s a picture at 32 weeks so you can see what I’m talking about.

ALSO- my 28th birthday was last week!! This is the first time since I moved to Dallas that I have not been out of town for work on my birthday so it was nice to get to spend it with William and celebrate with a few friends. The actual day was Wednesday and William sent me some awesome flowers and took me to eat at our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Richardson (Frankie’s…you should go there). Friday night, we celebrated with a small gathering of friends with dinner at La Duni. I’ve been craving their Quattro Leches Cake since I had some at a party in early December. Let me just tell you, it did not disappoint! Some of my favorite pics from the night are below.

Celebrating with great friends!

John& Julia

Adam & Chelsea got a sitter and spent their first night out since baby O was born with us... unfortunately this is the only picture that William captured.

Hubs and me- he put this whole thing together

The Girls (minus Julia and Chelsea)

Me, Katie and Lindsay- this photo was supposed to show the baby bumps but for some reason William decided to only take our faces...someone send me the bump pic if your husband understood the concept and got the bellies in the picture.

Teaser- William surprised me by knocking out some major nursery progress for my birthday. I’ll post some pics and details in the next few days.

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