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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nursery Beginnings

I’m about a week late on this post but I didn’t want to overwhelm “my readers” by posting more than one blog in a week…not so much my style.
The weekend after my birthday, I went to my first “pinterest party” where everyone chooses a fun craft or project from pinterest and you get together and try it out. We did a couple projects but the big one was making wooden signs by transferring ink from printed paper to wood. I got ambitious and put a scripture on 3 pieces of wood for the nursery. If you’re interested, we used this tutorial and it worked well when the letters were printed in bold with a new ink cartridge. We also ended up painting back over the letters with diluted black paint to make them a little darker- here’s the finished product.

The big news happened when I got home from my pinterest party. I walked in the house and heard William call me from upstairs. His mom and stepdad were also in town and he told me they were looking at some of the baby gifts in our future nursery room. When I walked in, the room that had contained nothing but a pile of clothes to be donated and few baby gifts had been turned into the beginnings of an amazing nursery!! William had been coordinating this for awhile as a birthday surprise and I could not have been more thrilled at what I found. The crib was in place (an early shower gift from his mom and stepdad) and we had a glider and ottoman (birthday gift from hubby and baby gift from his dad), AND he had worked with friends to build the “barn door” crib backdrop that I wanted (originally inspired by this pic on pinterest). I felt so relieved to have some of the big stuff knocked out for the nursery!!

The "W" stands for William as the official name of our little man is William Becton Spencer. He will go by Becton, but had to give a nod to daddy's little namesake...

I LOVED the barn door backdrop but we wanted it to look a little more "rustic" and like we used aged wood. We were going to try and find a stain that we could apply to give us this look but after trying a few things, we still weren't getting that "old wood" look. I found this tutorial on pinterest on how to make old wood new...the results are below and it really worked! If you ever want to create something "aged" looking, I highly recommend this process.

Our final project of the weekend was refinishing the dresser for little man’s room. I was pretty proud of us for making this so cute! Below are the before and after pics of our project…. I also found some cute hardware I liked at Anthropologie, but it was about $14 per handle so I bought some cheap ones at Lowe’s and created the look myself by wrapping them in twine. I think it turned out great!

Dresser Before

Dresser After

Handles Before

Handles After

So- after our SUPER crafty and pinterest project filled weekend, I am feeling much better about the progress of our nursery for baby Becton! There is still work to do so I will post some final nursery photos down the road...

The countdown is on...only six weeks until our little man makes his entrance into the world...We can't wait...or breathe...or sleep...or eat without getting heartburn...

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