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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soccer Mom

I never really imagined myself becoming a “soccer mom,” but, since I married William Spencer, I think that it’s inevitable that I will one day drive a large SUV, pack coolers of orange slices and Gatorade, and struggle to invent a new and more effective way to remove grass stains from white uniforms.

This past weekend, William’s team of 8-9 yr. old boys had a tournament in East Dallas. Since it was a weekend free of wedding activities (a rarity in the Spencer family), I decided to be a supportive wife and attend some of the games. Watching how great he is with his team foreshadows what an amazing father he will be someday. One of the mom’s from the team was thanking me for sharing William with her son and telling me what a great role model and coach he is and it reminded me that one of his most attractive qualities early in our dating relationship was how amazing he was with kids. I remember telling one of my friends that it was dangerous for me to watch him coach because it made me want to marry him and immediately start a family!

A lot of our close friends and family question the amount of time William dedicates to soccer and coaching this team. I sometimes get frustrated when he can’t make it to birthday parties, social functions, weddings, and church events because of soccer but hearing his team’s parents express gratitude and praise for not only William’s coaching skills, but his character and the example he sets for the kids and parents alike, I remember that William is more than a coach for these kids. For some, he’s the only example of Christ that they ever see. It’s more than coaching job, it’s his ministry and I’m so blessed to get to share this passion with him.

And, by the way, the 00 FC Dallas East boys got second place in the tournament. They lost in the finals to the infamous “Bandits” who always seem to stand in the way of FC and tournament championships. Hang in there guys, you’ll get them next time!!

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  1. Tami, you have a gift for writing. As one of the "soccer moms", I too become frustrated at the amount of time William spends on soccer. However, I would not trade many of the experiences my son is getting because of William. Thanks for sharing and continuing to share... from one "soccer mom" to another :) -- Sara