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Monday, July 13, 2009

Decking and Decorating

This past weekend was the Spencer/Becton family deck building project. William has been wanting to build a deck in our backyard since we bought our house and this weekend, the months of planning finally culminated into a build project! My mom and dad came down from Amarillo with a trailer full or tools ( and some furniture for us!) and we devoted the entire weekend to building, eating and decorating.

William really started the project the weekend before last, digging post holes and setting posts in the concrete for our foundation. Friday afternoon, the actual deck construction began and the guys worked non-stop from about 6am to midnight Saturday and Sunday to get the project near completion. It was a brutal weekend to be working outside and I think they went through about 45 bottles of water and another 30 bottles of Gatorade in 3 days! The hard work paid off though and we now have an awesome deck to host some backyard parties! William has a few more hard days work ahead of him building the benches for our fire pit area and finishing out the top of the arbor but there is definitely an end in site!

My mom and I concentrated on food prep and did some indoor decorating and tweaks when we weren’t helping with the work outside (Yes, I really did put in some manual labor hours outside but not nearly as many as the guys!)

Overall, it was a fun weekend with family filled with hard work and fulfilling results. Shout outs to Matt, Kim, and Russell who put in some long hours this weekend helping out and to Justin who helped prevent William and/or my death with some hazardous heavy post setting last week.

Can’t wait to have everyone over to enjoy some backyard entertaining soon! Before and after pics will be posted asap.

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